Asia Savvy 2022


Josephine Greenwood, Asia Savvy Lead

I am in my fourth year studying towards a BA/BSc, with majors in Chinese, physics and mathematics and a module in French. I started my degree with a strong language focus but throughout my studies I’ve also become fascinated with how Asia’s complex history has shaped the cultures that we see today.

In my role, I help to connect and engage students from the wider university community. There are some incredibly exciting opportunities developing in the Asia/New Zealand business space, and I’m really excited to have this opportunity to spread awareness!


Dinah Towle, Adviser

My role in the University of Auckland is Coordinator for New Zealand Asia Institute. Prior to working at the University, I have managed international projects in Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Thailand.  I have been involved with the Asia Savvy conference since its inception in 2011, mostly in the role of advice, project management, annual theme development as well a providing administrative support. I enjoy working with an energetic team of students who are clearly passionate about the importance of being Asia Savvy, developing relevant, innovative and thought-provoking events.