Savvy welcomes students from all tertiary institutions throughout New Zealand, including Asia Savvy alumni and friends as well as new undergraduate and post-graduate students. Our conference and other networking events provide the opportunity for students to connect by sharing ideas and experiences.


Students engage in an informal learning environment with professional speakers from industry and experts from academia and the public/NGO sectors,. Speakers discuss key issues and challenges relevant to the conference topic, sharing their stories, insights and knowledge from on-the-ground experience in Asia.


Applicants submit a 300 word essay to secure a place at the conference. Prizes are awarded for best essays along with the chance to be published in our conference e-book. The conference provides ample opportunity for students to engage in lively discussions and share ideas and experiences.

Increase your leadership potential by being Asia-Savvy AND…

  • Learning from and interacting with experts from academia, industry, government and NGO sectors in lively discussions and workshops.
  • Networking with like-minded students in discussions and workshops.
  • Having the opportunity to have your essay published.

Building cross-cultural intelligence – LEGO Serious Play workshop, Monday 8 May 2023

For all tertiary students – join us for a fun afternoon where you get to play with LEGO and boost your cross-cultural intelligence with fellow students. You also get pizza!

The idea of LEGO Serious Play was developed in Switzerland by two academics in conjunction with the LEGO CEO in the 1990s. It is a style of learning, applicable over a variety of themes, designed to improve your creative thinking and communication skills.

The workshop will be run by Dr Antje Fiedler (Accredited LEGO Serious Play Facilitator) and assisted by Josephine Greenwood, Asia Savvy Student Lead.

Date:   Monday 8 May 2023
Time:  3-4.30pm (workshop followed by refreshments)
Venue: Unleash Space (Room 450), Faculty of Engineering, (Building 402, University of Auckland, 20 Symonds Street, Auckland

About the Faciitators:

Antje Fiedler, The University of Auckland Business School
Antje is Senior Lecturer in the Management and International Business Department at The University of Auckland Business School. Antje is also teaching in the Business School’s MBA programme.

Her research interests include growth and internationalisation of firms, with a focus on emerging Asia, and employment relations. She is Deputy Director of the New Zealand Asia Institute.

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This student-led conference is organised and supported by the New Zealand Asia Institute of the University of Auckland. It aims to attract a dynamic group of students from New Zealand universities nationwide. This presents attractive sponsorship opportunities for business and organisations whose participation would enhance the event.


The Asia Savvy Ambassador Programme provides students with the opportunity to act as liaisons between Asia Savvy and their respective universities.