Asia Savvy 2018

Conference Programme

15 September 2018

9.30amRegistration, tea and coffee
Roundtable introductions
Opening Address:
Natasha Hamilton-Hart, Director, New Zealand Asia Institute
Ruth Huang, Asia Savvy Committee
Keynote Address: Purpose matters
  • Jilnaught Wong, Professor of Accounting, Department of Accounting and Finance, the University of Auckland Business School
(20 minute presentation)
10.35amPanel Discussion 1: Corporate social responsibility (CSR) - learn from major New Zealand corporates - their take on CSR
  • Meagan Jones, Sustainability Manager, Air New Zealand
  • Camellia Yang, Digital Communications Manager, Westpac
  • Meredith Dawson Lawry, Global Sustainability, Quality & Compliance Manager, Icebreaker

Discussion led by Jamie Newth, Lecturer, Management and International Business, University of Auckland Business School (20 minutes followed by Q&A)
Student Moderator: Teresa Lee
11.55am5 minute break
12pmWorkshop 1: Corporate social responsibility
(15 minute group discussion followed by 15 minute group presentations)
12.30pmLunch sponsored by Asia New Zealand Foundation
1.30pmIntroducing Asia New Zealand Foundation by Simon Draper, Executive Director
1.45pmPanel Discussion 2: Social entrepreneurship - be inspired by some of New Zealand’s most exciting social entrepreneurs
  • Ben Brown, General Manager, International Volunteer HQ
  • Qiujing Easterbrook-Wong, Chief Executive, Borderless Productions
  • Jade Gray, Founder, Gungho Pizza

Discussion led by Chris Woods, Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Inovation, the University of Auckland Business School (20 minutes followed by Q&A)
Student Moderator: Min-Ji Yang
3.10pm Afternoon tea
3.30pmWorkshop 2: Starting your own social enterprise
An interactive workshop led by Helene
Tholoniat and Liz Alder, Akina Foundation
4:30pmAwards and concluding remarks
4.45pmAsia Savvy Quiz sponsored by Gong Cha
Guided walk to Hansan Vietnamese Restaurant, Kitchener St, Auckland
Networking dinner, Hansan Vietnamese Restaurant


Min-Ji Yang, IT/Registrations

I am currently in my third year of studying a Law and Arts conjoint majoring in politics and Chinese. I identify myself as a New Zealand born Korean, who is proud to call west Auckland home. I have always had a keen interest in languages, travelling and the unique diaspora of Asian culture immersing itself into the New Zealand environment. I believe it is very important to ensure New Zealand can embrace, with harmony, the cultural ‘melting pot’ we currently have, while at the same time take the initiative and benefit from the many opportunities available in Asia.

As part of the committee, I pledge to try my best to make this year’s conference as great, or even better than previous years! Please don’t be shy to come talk to me as I am always keen for a chat!

Nicholas Borroz, Adviser

I am a doctoral candidate in international business at the University of Auckland. I serve in an advisory capacity to the Asia Savvy Committee, providing analysis about corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship in New Zealand, identifying and networking with relevant experts in both fields, and providing logistical support to the committee as needed. I will moderate the conference panel on corporate social responsibility, which I see as an important aspect of firms’ larger networking activities outside the business community.

Ruth Huang, Logistics

I am a third-year law and science student majoring in Psychology and Statistics. As the second child of a Chinese family who immigrated to New Zealand, I am grateful for the opportunity to experience two rich and diverse cultures.

I am excited to be part of Asia Savvy as relations between Asia and New Zealand are integral to my own identity. Asia Savvy is the perfect opportunity to embrace the globalisation of New Zealand and interact with some amazing people. I hope that we can bring about a conference that inspires New Zealand youth to explore these opportunities and challenge them to become more Asia Savvy.

My favourite things are books and cheesecake, preferably together.

Teresa Lee, Marketing

2018 will be my second year as a Law and Commerce student at the University of Auckland. As a Chinese girl born and raised in New Zealand, I am very passionate about multi-culturalism and the benefits it brings to individuals, organisations and entire nations.

This year, I am excited to be looking after marketing for the Asia Savvy conference. My decision to join the team for the second time has stemmed from my ongoing interest in creating a sustainable and inclusive society for everyone. This fits perfectly with Purpose and Profit’s focus on corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship. I also look forward to meeting like-minded peers and industry professionals.

Sally Lee

I am a third-year business student majoring in Marketing and Information Systems at the University of Auckland. I came to New Zealand when I was three years old from Korea and have been exposed to the two vastly different cultures simultaneously since then.

I would love to encourage students who have grown up in a multicultural environment to leverage the opportunities that come with this rather than see it as a source of confusion. Thus, I am in full support of initiatives that aim to build stronger relationships and ties between cultures and communities such as those of Asia Savvy.

As an ambassador, I hope to inspire and motivate the upcoming generation to take on the growth opportunities available to them in Asia and enrich their understanding of who they can be in this increasingly globalised world.

Julia Woolf, Victoria University of Wellington

Hi everyone! My name is Julia, I am a second year Law and Commerce student. As a half Kiwi and half Chinese girl I am pleased to be a part of Asia Savvy where I can learn and grow amongst like-minded individuals who value the idea of multi-culturalism, globalisation and integration. These ideas are some that I believe essential in any field of occupation you wish to embark on.

I am excited to spread the word of Asia Savvy and its unique opportunities to students across the country

Aside from reading copious amounts of law readings, I enjoy food and friends. The two are rarely mutually exclusive!

Phillip Qeag, University of Auckland

I am a third year Arts and Commerce student studying Finance, Global Politics and Chinese at the University of Auckland. I am a Korean born student, bred here in New Zealand. It is my great privilege to be an ambassador for the Asia Savvy team this year.

Over the past five years, I had the opportunity to live and study in both Korea and China. Throughout my time in these countries, I saw first-hand the multitude of opportunities and potential for growth in these enticing markets. I would like to spread the word about these wonderful opportunities to other students, soon to be graduates, through the Asia Savvy network.

As an Asia Savvy ambassador, I look forward to working for the cause to deepen mutual understanding between New Zealand and Asia as a benefit to all.

Stefanie Kouch, Auckland University of Technology

I am a Kiwi born Chinese Cambodian who is currently in my second year of studying business at AUT. This year I would like to get more involved within our community not only to learn new things, but to also help others.

Growing up in country full of diversity and opportunities, I am extremely excited to be part of an organisation that allows me to discover myself and the world. I believe it’s important for young Kiwis to understand that the world is their oyster and there is so much more to it than their own little bubble. I hope the team this year will be able to encourage New Zealand students to contribute towards creating a network which highlights the benefits of globalization and corporate social responsibility to better not just themselves, but also society and creating a sustainable environment for future generations.

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